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Introduction to the Chief Prosecutor

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Chief Prosecutor  Chu, Chao-Min

                                                                      Chief Prosecutor  Chu, Chao-Min


Educational Background

◆ Department of law, National Chung Hsing University

1983 Qualified, Examination for Judicial Official (Judges and Prosecutors)of Justice


Working Experience

Director, Department of Prevention,Rehabilitation and Protection, Ministry of Justice

Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan Chiayi District Prosecutors Office

Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan Nantou District Prosecutors Office

◆ Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan Hualien District Prosecutors Office

◆ Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office

◆ Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office




Messages from the Chief Prosecutor

The judiciary is the guardian of social justice. The prosecutorial organizations, standing on the front line of the judiciary, conduct investigations and prosecutions in order to effectively crack down criminal activities, protect public interest, and maintain social order. This office will continue to reinforce the investigation of crimes, strictly put the law into practice to protect the public from fear, actively promote legal awareness of the public, strengthen the judicial protection, and carry out the protection of victims of crimes so that all the citizens can understand and obey the law, and do not commit or become victims of crimes. Members of this office, equipped with professionalism, enthusiasm and responsibility, will stand firmly in their positions, and respond to the needs and expectations of the citizens. We welcome suggestions and complaints, so that we can provide the services more creatively and progressively.

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