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Panoramic photos of the Department introduce the history of the Department

The Office, established on February 16th, 1981, was initially named as “Banciao Branch of Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office,” and was later approved of further renaming as “Taiwan Banciao District Prosecutors Office” on April 2nd, 1990, and “Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office” on January 1st, 2013 respectively. Currently, the Office’s scope of jurisdiction covers over 3 million population. According to the statistics, the total amount of cases dealt with by the Office in its first year of establishment was just around 20 to 30 thousand. However, the number kept soaring and there were 250 thousand cases in 2013 alone, which was around 12 times larger if compared with the amount when the Office was initially established. In response to the rapidly growing population as well as the prosperous industrial development, the Office’s personnel number has significantly increased from 85 to a total of 499 since initial inauguration, and the total number of prosecutors has subsequently grown from 9 to 143, including the chief prosecutor and the head prosecutors. As a matter of fact, the Office currently covers nationwide the highest population in the jurisdiction scope and proceeds the largest total number of criminal cases. Meanwhile, the complexity and influence of each criminal case are soaring high. Accordingly, the rename fits perfectly well to manifest the upgrade of New Taipei City as well as the tremendously increasing workload of the Office.

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