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Warm and Friendly Judicial Environment

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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  • Conversation Room

Investigation Room.309-1Photo5:Room 309
We offer a comfortable, cozy and moderate court room.

 Investigation Room.309-2Photo6:Anatomically detailed dolls

In order to strengthen the protection of victims of sexual offenses, the questioning of victims would be conducted in the conversation room in Investigation Room 309(abbreviated Room 309) on the 3rd floor, instead of other investigation rooms.Inside there are sofa and chair sets that are mainly in warm color so that victims can describe the course of the crime in a comfortable, cozy and moderate atmosphere. Besides, on the occasion of victims with mental retardation, without the sexual experience or reluctant to talk, anatomically detailed dolls have been provided as assisting objects. By indirect way of doll playing or doll's body parts indicating, prosecutors could gather the information about the sexual offense. Moreover, victims in Room 309 could identify the suspect in Room 402, and the suspect could be confronted with the victim through dual direction TV system. The victim have no need to look at the suspect face to face in order to avoid second time mental trauma or other discomfort.

  • Identification From Behind A One-Way Mirror

Investigation Room.402-1Photo1:Outside the partition in Room 402.
The victim/witness can make identification through a one-way mirror.

Investigation Room.402-2Photo2:The partition in Room 402.
When the suspect stands inside, he cannot see persons and objects outside the partition through a one-way mirror.

Investigation Room.402-3Photo3:The standard markings of height.
On the back wall of the partition there is a standard markings of height.

Investigation Room.402-4 Photo4:The one-way mirror.

In order to protect the privacy and safety of victims/witnesses who fear or have reason to fear retaliation, victims/witnesses can make identification views from behind a one-way mirror in the Investigation Room 402(abbreviated Room 402).A one-way mirror in Room 402 is installed to make a partition, where the suspect stands inside and the victim/witness stands outside, which can guarantee the suspect cannot know the identity of the victim/witness. On the back wall of the partition there is a standard markings of height. The sound inside the partition is transmitted outward via the ultra sensitive microphone, so that the victim/witness also can identify the person's voice in addition to face identification; hence the accuracy of witness identification would be further enhanced. 

  • Distance Interrogation System 

 Investigation Room.202Photo7:Room 202.   

To lower the risk on escapement of the prisoner and to reduce traffic cost, the "Distance Interrogation System" was installed in the Investigation Room 202 (abbreviated Room 202) on the 2nd floor. Our prosecutors in this room can interrogate inmates who are detained or serving sentences by using ADSL connection network which connects Room 202 with prisons and detention houses.

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