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What Prosecutors Do?

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 The primary job of the prosecutors office is to prosecute crimes and conduct the execution of criminal verdict so as to investigate, strike, and prevent crimes such as corruption, organization crimes, drug crimes, smuggling, burglary, damage to ecology of the national land, election bribery, sexual transaction on children and juveniles, economic crimes, intellectual property right crimes, and computer crimes. The purpose is to reinforce government administrations, purify election style, and solidify democracy foundation. Thus, our citizens will be free from drugs and crimes, and enjoy their lives, freedoms and properties safely. Furthermore, we also focus on the enforcement on parole, probation and regeneration of adult criminals so the criminals who committed unpremeditated crimes could regain their lives. Moreover, we value the protection of victims so that the victims and/or their families could obtain compensations from the government.

 Like the court system, the Prosecutors Offices of R.O.C. are attached to the courts at corresponding levels. There is one Supreme Prosecutors Office, six High Prosecutors Offices, and twenty District Prosecutors Offices. Because of the unified prosecutorial system, the Prosecutor General of the Supreme Court directs and supervises the prosecutors of his office and of the prosecutors offices attached to the lower courts and branch courts. This direction and supervision is provided in the areas of criminal investigations, public prosecutions and indictments, private prosecutions, the execution of criminal judgments, and the performance of other functions as prescribed by laws.



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