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This Prosecutors Office is subordinate to the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office. Its major responsibilities are to pursue crimes and direct the execution of penal sentences aimed at maintaining the law and order in society and protecting peoples lives, property, and freedoms. This Prosecutors Office has a chief prosecutor, and several head prosecutors, assistant investigators, and forensic physicians (forensic technicians). There are a Document office, Probation Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office, and Information Management Office. Under the Document Office, there is a Records Section, an Enforcement section, a Documentation Section, a Study and Evaluation Section, a General Affairs Section, a Data Section and a Judicial Police Room.


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DocumentOffice AssistantInvestigators’Office ProbationOffice AccountingOffice CivilServiceEthicsOffice Document ForensicOffice PersonnelOffice StatisticsOffice InformationManagementOffice RecordsSection DocumentationSection EnforcementSection GeneralAffairsSection Research&EvaluationSection JuridicalPoliceRoom Information

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