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Document Office

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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General Information:

This Prosecutors Office has a chief in charge of document affairs. The Document Office is composed of a Records section, an Enforcement section, a documentation section, a research and evaluation section, a general affairs section, and a data section and a judicial police room.

Work and Functions:

The document office takes orders from the chief prosecutor to handle administrative affairs, command and supervise all staff members under the rank of document officer.
It supervises the implementation of annual plans.
It orchestrates the job assignments for staff members below the rank of document officer.
It coordinates the work of administrative units.
It proposes reward and punishment for administrative personnel of this Prosecutors Office.
It approves application for leaves between one day and less than three days.
It reviews and approves the assignments and leaves for personnel below the rank of document officer.
It is responsible for written communication among horizontal offices and sections.
It communicates in writing with other organizations on the equal rank, which have no affiliation relations.
It reviews, approves, and distributes administrative missives.
It handles matters passed down by the chief prosecutor.

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