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Probation Office

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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General Information:

There are 21 probation officers and a chief probation officer. There is a urine sampling room with two sample collectors.

Work and Functions:

Executing cases placed on the list of control and protection

Protection and control for adults are implemented by probation officers, mainly through talks and visits. Supervision of different degrees, including group guidance, is provided for different cases, such as special counseling for HIV-patients and group counseling on employment.

Special sections are set up for counseling special cases like domestic violence and sexual assault in order to strengthen the effectiveness and prevent a repetition of the offense.


Executing compulsory labor for cases of deferred indictment and other compulsory cases

In recent years, the execution of criminal cases has been extended to the pre-trial stage. There is a system of deferred indictment, which allows temporary deferment of indictment for light offenses and for offenders who have showed sincere repentance. These offenders are forced to attend educational programs or social labor to compensate their victims under the supervision of a prosecutor through the arrangement of the Probation Office. It is hoped that the society can receive more practical and effective compensation by educating and rectifying the offenders.

If the offenders receiving deferred indictment agree to provide a certain amount of labor to a public interest organization, the Probation Office will make the arrangements for them, which is also responsible for explaining the administrative regulations, allocating the offenders participating in the voluntary labor, making connections, and evaluating their performances.


Gearing volunteer labor to social resources

Because the governments shortage of manpower and material resources, this Prosecutors Office has invited reputed persons in various circles and enthusiasts in society to help out in the execution of probation cases and assist the probationers in obtaining schooling, employment, settlement, medical treatment, and emergent relief.

To strengthen the professional capability of the volunteers participating in the probation program, this Prosecutors Office offers various educational training every year.

This Prosecutors Office has recruited various resources in society to acquire employment for the probationers in an effort to return as many probationers to society as possible.


Executing other judicial protection businesses

Protection in other judicial areas includes crime prevention publicity for students in summer vacations, community life camp held in coordination with schools, publicity against electoral bribery, provision of guidance to college students practicing probation.

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