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Accounting Office

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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General Information:

The Accounting Office has a chief and 4 accounting officers. Together, they handle the accounting affairs within their power under the command of the chief prosecutor.

Work and Functions:

Compiling the income and expenditure budget and the final statement.
Revising and reallocating the income and expenditure budget.
Applying for an increase or reduction of the income and expenditure budgets and for appropriation of the rain-day fund.
Applying for retention and reservation of budget.
Compiling and reviewing the budgets for major administrative plans.
Proposing the increase of expenditures with positive effect and reduction of uneconomic expenditure.
Processing and supervising procurement biddings and checking the original bills.
Screening the accounting documents s handover of office takes place.
Preparing monthly and annual accounting reports.
Screening the reports on the organization
s assets.
Preparing information for use by the chief of the organization when he is to make a report to the legislature.

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