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Civil Service Ethics Office

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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General Information:

The Civil Service Ethics Office has a chief and an officer.

Work and Functions:

Formulating government ethics regulations and publicity measures.
Preventing and uncovering irregularities and handling accusations.
Proposing reform, reward and punishment regarding ethics in this Prosecutors Office.
Safeguarding the Prosecutors Office
s secrets and security.
Handling other ethic affairs and matters handed down by the chief prosecutor.
Taking asset declarations by public servants.
Operational Situation:

1. Anti-corruption publicity

Taking advantage of meetings, the office publicizes the regulations governing government ethics, enforces this Prosecutors Offices regulations, explains anti-corruption cases, and cites good government ethics to encourage staff members to heighten their alert, to abide by the law, and to maintain this Prosecutors Offices reputation and image.

2. Prevention and discovery of corruption

a. Formulating, in keeping with the principle of prevention preceding punishment, various corruption-preventing measures, following to the finish of these measures, and analyzing the corruption cases reported in this Prosecutors Office for the discovery of more effective improvement measures.

b. Investigating the abnormal units and abnormal lives of individuals, probing special operations that are prone to irregularity, looking into public accusations and media reports regarding irregularities of this Prosecutors Office and preparing the handover by the head of the organization.

3. Processing asset declaration in accordance with the Law of Asset Declaration by Public Servants.

4. Safeguarding public service secrets:
Using every opportunity to publicize the protection of public service secrets and to make the staff know what they should do in this respect; formulating secret protection measures for special cases, and taking necessary measures according to law once a secret is being leaked out.

5. Ensuring the security of the organization
Formulating various measures to prevent endangering incidence and sabotage; assisting in handling petitions to prevent the case from worsening and endangering this Prosecutors Office; and ensuring the safety of judicial personnel by implementing the
Plan for Ensuring the Safety of the Head of the Organization and the Plan for Ensuring Security of Judicial Personnel.

Accusation Hotlines

Ministry of Justices accusation hotline: 02-231677586
This Prosecutors Office
s mailbox for accusations: Banciao P.O. Box 13-112
Accusation hotline: 02-22624063
Accusation e-mail address
: pccn@mail.moj.gov.tw

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