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Information Management Office

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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General Information:

The Information Management Office has a chief, a programmer, a manager, an operator,and two engineers.

Work and Functions:

Computerizing all operations of this Prosecutors Office.
Maintaining the normal operation of systems and counseling on installation and maintenance.
Planning and installing networks.
Planning and maintaining the hardware
Maintaining the homepage of this Prosecutors Office.
Checking the security of operational systems.
Making technical proposals on the purchase or lease of information equipment.
Maintaining the security of information systems.
Formulating and implementing training plans for information technicians.
Managing and controlling the operation and maintenance of all the information systems and equipment.
Controlling the increase and change of passwords .
Correcting the information data and controlling the change of codes.
Establishing the operational standard for information operations.
Implementing and evaluating the information operations.
Coordinating with other organizations the transfer and transmission of information.
Handling other information affairs passed down by the superior.

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