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Records Section

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  • Last updated:2023-09-01
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General Information:

The Records section has a chief to make assignments and coordinate affairs with other offices or sections. The deployment of its personnel is as follows:

1.Investigation recording officers

Staff size: 92 persons.

Work details: Assisting the prosecutor to fulfill his duty; accompanying the prosecutor and the assistant investigator to do search, impoundment, examination, and detection of electoral bribery; standing on duty to help the prosecutor to handle offender transfer and accusation cases; and accompanying the prosecutor to perform autopsy or corpse dissection

2. Public indictment recording officers.

Staff size: 4 persons.

Work detail: Assisting the prosecutor appearing in the trial court to make public indictment, and handling documents.

3. 3 contract clerks and 3 recording officers are being deployed to help the recording officers make subpoenas and print documents.

Work and Functions:

Major tasks of recording officers

1.Taking the cases, entering them into the book, and building files.

2. Preparing written transcription, subpoenas, detention warrant, summon warrant, release order, search warrant and other means of notification .

3. Drafting case and administrative documents.

4. Sorting out, binding, keeping, and taking custody of article of evidence attached to a case document.

5. Making the original or duplicate copies of an indictment, a non-indictment, an application for judgment by a small claims court, or other documents.

6. Delivering case documents.

7. Handling deposits, ill-gotten goods, and articles of evidence.

8. Delivering and filing documents of closed cases.

9. Making report tables or supplying statistic materials.

10 Handling other affairs handed down by the superior.

Work items of public indictment recording officers

1. Allocating court appearances, borrowing trial documents, zeroing and preparing them for the prosecutors use.

2. Withdrawing the indictment, making and delivering the original of an appeal petition, recording affidavits, drafting documents, and doing other things requested by the prosecutor.

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