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Enforcement Section

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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General Information:

The Enforcement section has a chief execution prosecutor, 4 prosecutors, 1 recording officer serving concurrently as section chief,  4 recording officers, 27 clerks, and 1 Interpreter.


Work and Functions:

Execution prosecutor: in charge of reviewing the execution cases.

Work of execution recording officers:

Taking in case files; binding files; entering cases into the book; ascertaining whether a decision has been made on a case (whether an application is made for a retrial, for extraordinary appeal, or for a reduction of the penalty); checking against the table of offense history to see whether there is recidivism and whether the case is a combined penalty of multiple offenses (If so an appeal should be made to the Taiwan Supreme Prosecutors Office for a fixation of the penalty to be executed), whether the deferred sentence has been revoked, whether the parole has been revoked, and whether the penalty has been executed; filling out the forms for the prosecutor to summon or force the offender to receive the execution of the penalty or to put the offender on the wanted list; making transcriptions; issuing command paper; drafting missives; drafting written documents for the case; handling the deposits and ill-gotten goods and evidence; making reports on special criminal cases; putting on file the closed cases; filling out various report forms; supplying statistic information; and doing other things that are handed down by the superior .

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