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Documentation Section

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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General Information:

The Documentation Section has a chief in charge of document administration, coordination with various offices and sections, assignment for staff, and supervision on the work of its staff. There are 9 staff members to carry out the various kinds of work of the section.

Work and Functions:

1.Taking custody of and using the chop of this Prosecutors Office.

2.Processing (registering, sealing, and posting) the outbound mail and missives.

3.Processing inbound mail and missives.

4.Electronic transmission and exchange of mail and missives.

5.Preparing the meetings to be held, recording the minutes, compiling reports, filling out form reports and doing other meeting-related affairs.

6.Compiling business reports and reporting the completion of office handovers to higher-up organizations.

7.Registering and notifying various cases of electoral bribery.

8.Publicizing the law.

9.Compiling and reporting prosecutorial documents.

10.Proofreading and transcribing inbound and outbound missives.

11. Informing the organizations to be inspected by a prosecutor.

12. Processing the mailroom service (registered mail, express delivery, and parcels).

13. Conducting educational trainings and seminars.

14. Handling documents not belonging to the domains of other offices and sections or handed down by the chief prosecutor.

15. Processing the inspection and mediation work.

16. Doing screening and support work in the selection of members for township mediation committees.

17. Recruiting members of the review committee.

18. Supervising and controlling the attorneys.

19. Notifying the changes of laws and regulations.

20. Giving administrative support to the review committee on deferred indictment.

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