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Research and Evaluation Section

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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General Information:

The Research and Evaluation Section has a chief, 3 clerks.

Work and Functions:

Drawing up annual work plans.
Doing research on administrative innovations.
Studying services to the people.
Collecting R&D information.
Coordinating with other business units on the standard and evaluation for cases placed under control.
Inspecting the business operations.
Carrying out inspection, examination and verification for cases passed down by higher-up organizations or the chief prosecutor.
Preparing monthly reports on the progress of cases placed under control by work briefing meetings.
Compiling statistics on controlled work items.
Designing and making, in conjunction with the Statistics Section, tables and charts with regard to controlled items.
Compiling work reports.
Assembling the performance reports
Putting major criminal cases on the list of control.
Verifying the laggardness of cases placed on the control list.
Looking into the cases that should be but are not closed for two and three months.
Making checks to ensure a prosecutor tis in session in time.
Keeping tabs on the number of days a prosecutor spends on a case he takes.
Assembling, revising and reporting the detailed
tables of delegation of responsibilities.
Pushing forward appeal application, extraction of files, review, reception of judgment, and chen-coded cases
Compiling and filing research and development documents
Bringing into line the concepts of the staff
Providing services to the people through the
Service for the People Center
Handling cases handed down by the chief prosecutor.

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