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Bilingual Request Forms

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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Bilingual Request Forms

Bilingual Request Forms<1>

Bilingual Request Forms<2>

1.Application for Changing the Address for Service of Process(.odt) 22.Application for Suspending Postponing the Execution(.odt)
2.Application to Withdraw the Reconsideration(.odt) 23. Application to Cancel a Circular Order(.odt)
3. Motion to Transfer the Jurisdiction(.odt) 24. Application to Pay the Fine in Installments(.odt)
4. Request for Appeal by the Prosecutor(.odt) 25. Application to Convert the Imprisonment Sentence to a Fine(.odt)
5. Application for Additional Copies (Reissuance) of the Documents(.odt) 26. Application for Certificate of Disposition of the Completion of Deferred Prosecution(.odt)
6. Application for Certificate of Case Closure(.odt) 27. Criminal Application(.odt)
7. Application for the Reissuance of the Autopsy Certificate(1)(.odt) 28.Civilian Legal Aid Application Form(.odt)
8. Application for the Reissuance of the Autopsy Certificate(.odt) 29.Power of Attorney(receive the bail )(.odt)
9. Power of Attorney(.odt) 30.Power of Attorney (receive the evidence, seized )(.odt)
10. Criminal Complaint(.odt) 31.Application for Determining the Sentence to be Executed(.odt)
11. Criminal Answer to the Complaint(.odt) 32.Application for Postponing the Rehabilitation Treatment(.odt)
12.Settlement(.odt) 33.Application Commuting the Imprisonment Term to a Fine(.odt)
13. Application to Withdraw the Complaint(.odt) 34.Application for Paying a Fine for the Remaining Sentence(.odt)
14.Application for Reconsideration by the Complainant(.odt) 35.Application for Executing the Sentence of Imprisonment(.odt)
15.Application for Reconsideration by the Defendant(.odt) 36.Application for a Copy (Additional Copy) of the Determination of Reconsideration(.odt)
16. Application for Witness Expert Witness Summons(.odt) 37.Application for a Copy (Additional Copy) of the Determination of Reconsideration(.odt)
17. Application to Change the Date of the Investigation(.odt) 38.Application for a Copy of the Certificate of Corpse Burial(.odt)
18. Application for Refund of the Criminal Bail(.odt) 39.Application for the Informing of Case Progress(.odt)
19. Application for Return of Evidence Seized Item(.odt) 40.Application to Transfer the Case to Another Court for the Combined Trial with Private Prosecution(.odt)
20. Application for the Removal of Restriction from Leaving the ROC(.odt) 41.Application for the Document of Service of Process(.odt)
21.Application for the Certificate of Sentence Completion(.odt) 42.Application for Executing the Sentence at A Convenient Venue(.odt)
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